Verses of the unspoken words


Immense was the feast in all existing dimensions

I was wondering how come

So real and perfect as vast is the universe

So beautiful as life but you went beyond

I was looking at you


I held my silence and I was happy

No distinction between earth and heaven

You made that possible to believe

There are things of yours that I don´t understand

Sometimes I hold on to silence

And I wish I was that dream you´d never share

Maybe I learn in every step


You are the inspiration

You create and are creation yourself

Gold, your treasured heart

Come on! I give you all my dreams

I share my hopes, my goals and heart to you

The more I know, the most I think of you


Let my eyes see you this way

It is my heart who is leading and so gentle I pursue

I try not to make noises to obey my own nature

I need you with no descriptions


I keep my silence and I still learn

No matter how or when I see you

No one in this world would understand

neither my sentiments or faith to your name

What wouldn´t I give just to contemplate you an instant


Surrender I

So I!
I want to learn make my words soft like breeze,
whispering to the ear, you hear me well.
Let my heart beat like yours at one rhythm,
my refuge for the stormy days.

 Wonderful you!

Every morning when you wake up, you are born all over again, 
be certain that the gift given is your life itself.
The inner me realized the greatest creature that you are,
and because of your smile,  here I surrender.
If You are the fountain,
If You are the energy,
If You are the light, the reason, the path, the future.
Then for you I´ll walk  strong.
Conqueror you!
In silence I understand you the best,
with your voice, you conquer it all. 
I see nothing but this way
If you leave the prints I´ll follow all along.
Nature is!
Like in blossom, fresh sunshine is
New day, flowers born 
Nothing can replace the scent 
the nature in you.