Verses of the unspoken words


Immense was the feast in all existing dimensions

I was wondering how come

So real and perfect as vast is the universe

So beautiful as life but you went beyond

I was looking at you


I held my silence and I was happy

No distinction between earth and heaven

You made that possible to believe

There are things of yours that I don´t understand

Sometimes I hold on to silence

And I wish I was that dream you´d never share

Maybe I learn in every step


You are the inspiration

You create and are creation yourself

Gold, your treasured heart

Come on! I give you all my dreams

I share my hopes, my goals and heart to you

The more I know, the most I think of you


Let my eyes see you this way

It is my heart who is leading and so gentle I pursue

I try not to make noises to obey my own nature

I need you with no descriptions


I keep my silence and I still learn

No matter how or when I see you

No one in this world would understand

neither my sentiments or faith to your name

What wouldn´t I give just to contemplate you an instant