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My Good Answer when I get in troubles: Sorry! Me no Speak Inglés!

392293_10150470614167087_500489784_nI guess this blog has the same story of most blogs around the net. When it´s personal, there´s always a reason big or small to start writing.

Mine, (and I know it´s the the only one) has started as a therapy to explore my own fears and problems. Recently I made the maths and realised that after 15 years of therapy, the same advise is on the table. Write it up!

When recently a friend told me to write, whenever I´m feeling the most sick, distressed and scared, I thought how come I just don´t start right now? Then I was wondering for the proper name for this Blog. My confession is how good I felt when I was told to name it something like Fun ,…

Now the thing was, not the reason, not the name, not the blog as well. But what to write, and how to make it fun!

Sitting in front of my Laptop, and giving thoughts of a good name to this blog, it came to me the conclusion that I had to be related to something I lived, heard, told, saw, something! So Here´s when I heard again my Dad´s voice when one day he came in with a question: Pineapple, Lemon and Coconut?- I said: What? – Yes, those are the Flavours in the fridge! So what kind of popsicle do you want? —- My answer was: Can I have the three of them?

In the instant I remembered that answer, it made me laugh… well more like a good smile! So yes! I want to make this blog a Fun experience, and having the three flavours at the same time!

My Name is Nairim (A.K.A TheIkarians), Feel free to comment and ask questions! 🙂

Oh Day! Wish you all Fun, Peace, Pizza and Kindness!



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