Suddenly and this late

Like a sleepy kid fighting bed time

Today my eyes want to close but I want to see more

I haven´t jumped in a very long time

No reasons to do so

I frown most part of the day, I didn´t even realise

Until the time is right to go back home.

Being grown up wasn´t fun as I thought

Yet, what it is fun after all?

Riding a bike, skipping work, being on the news or finding yourself

 among the crowd….

It is fun indeed! not to know what makes you smile

I just need to sit down and talk

Who is there I wonder!

It´s Me,…. fighting, frowning, smiling, working.

Until exhaustion wins me over and send me down back

to my dream world.


2 thoughts on “Suddenly and this late

  1. Yes that was quite a day wasn’t it? I’m glad you were there to lend support to those who need it so badly (and hopefully helped to encourage others to do the same), and in return you got a day to remember :).

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