All set, back to work.

In a few days I´ll be back to the office, it´s always nice to take a rest from the things you have to do and all the   paperwork and responsibilities.

This month of vacation seemed to be one single week after all. I guess it happens the same with all things, when you are in school, training, work or whatever you do in your daily life.


At Nights when I have to stay late in the office is somehow better. Years back I wouldn´t guess that I would be where I am right now. So it´s pretty strange but a good feeling. You can hear your ideas better with less noise.

It always happened to me when I was younger, if I was at school or in a part-time job and I took some days off, the coming back was kinda nightmare. I don´t know why I felt this way. Today I feel tired, this time I know it´s different because I didn´t get to rest as I would like to do. So the nightmare is no longer, all I need is to sleep longer the next couple of days. lol

The thing is the older you get the most responsibilities you have, at home, with family and the rest of your world. That´s when you know that Christmas isn´t that fun as you remembered when kid. I spent all month paining, cleaning, making line to pay bills and so on, helping out Grandmas, cousins, siblings, folks. I´m still pending for that DVD movie I want to watch. lol

My peaceful place to be and yes I got the chance to visit is this one:

 I wish I would had the chance to stay a little longer, It´s just so peaceful and takes you to another level.

The Good thing is that this place will always be right there. Maybe I´ll go back for my Birthday! Who knows? lol

Just a few more days to return, I´m ready yet I feel some excitement for what will come next and that put a shy smile in my face.  If last year brought surprises, I guess this year  I should get super ready for new and better ones 🙂

Just for now I´m calm (I woke up with a lil headache today, though). But I´m ok, this time I don´t have to go back to work and follow the plans, this time I get to prepare the plans when I´m back to work, and that´s what is really funny about all this.


So let´s get back to work, do our best. And during lunch time plan bigger things to do, enjoy 20 minutes of nature, remember someone you love and see yourself in future, smiling a lot! 🙂

Wish you all happiness, smiles and Chocolate IceCream!


2 thoughts on “All set, back to work.

  1. Nooooo not back to work! That means less time for blogging :p.

    Sounds like you had plenty of work to do during the vacation though. Well no one can ever say you don’t contribute your fair share and then some, enough for several people lol.

    I’m glad that your job is going good and that your career is on the rise. So many great things to look forward to whether it’s in this job or another, these are all the things you were dreaming of while studying so hard way back when. …or was it hallucinating from lack of sleep? Either way there’s lots to smile about these days :).

    • Hi Anita,

      I agree with you! 🙂 The Hallucination part at some point was endless, I still remember and have my evidences from those days, (I have grey hair because of that lol)
      Whatever is coming this new year for me will recieve the greatest welcoming! I´m waiting for good things to happen indeed! 🙂

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