Starting this New Year


Every year we are used to start with new resolutions to accomplish, every year I start by reading really good ideas to try.  But the thing about resolutions is not how hard they are to make or to keep, but how lost you get in the meantime.  For example:

These firsts days of 2014, I have seen  and read some great ideas to accomplish, Ideas that could end up in great results for me in certain aspects of my life. Looking back, I remember spending 2012 working on my endless thesis for College, which seemed a project created by myself to end up my sanity. By the way! Before that, I don´t recall myself saying wow! this was a really good year! NEVER! But Certainly 2013 was a much better year, I finally finished college and stuff. I´ve always have to deal with health issues and others, though (Things that now I see as normal as waking up early every morning to go to work) yes,…. I am not a morning person!

What changed?

About Mornings? Nothing, I´m still not a Morning Person! But This time I can say wow! This was a nice year! Thank you 2013! I did not accomplish all my last year resolutions as I first planned, but I did make it to others plans. The best thing is that Other plans caught me up on my way to keep going.  So one thing is what you plan to do and other thing is what you end up doing at the end.

Today I´m working in a couple of resolutions I have for this New Year.

Number 1:

That´s how I read this story that made me laugh a lot!

—->The Frog Prince

Number 2: Write a small post. ( A quote?)

—–>Ancient Chinese Proverb

Number 3: Do something that pays off in one year.

(This is when reading around the net I found This)!

52 Week Money Challenge

I started this project today, so I´m pretty much excited and it´s an excellent Idea! Every week you have to put in certain amount to save it for whatever you want to spend the money in! 🙂

P.S. My Mom loved it and she is in! lol

Number 3: To start a Photoblog. I´m not sure on how to start this blog, or when but here´s a first picture! lol


Ohhh And! I keep remembering how much I need to finish studying English someday! Since I might not be able to buy a Pronunciation fragance if I keep talking like him! LOLZ


Wishing you all peace, happiness and Pizza!



2 thoughts on “Starting this New Year

  1. Happy New Year Nairim. Great to see that you’re getting a nice start to 2014, and of course there is one resolution of yours that I’m loving a lot. Can you guess lol? ‘Read more stories’ is a fabulous New Year’s resolution, plus it’s fun :D.

    Another resolution I’m really excited about is the photoblog one, do you think you’ll start a whole new blog or incorporate the pictures into Write It Uppa? Either way I think it will be a lot of fun for us readers to see more of the world through your eyes.

    • Hi Anita!! 🙂
      You know I have tried so many times in the past but I always end up in the middle of work and other things that usually keep me away from blogging. I truly want to do and work more often in my posts and to see how much fun you get it´s definitely an incentive for me.
      My goal would be to be as good as you, but you are certainly the best! 🙂 So I´ll go one step at a time!
      I remember one little project we talked about in the past, it was some kind of contribution to create an interactive blog entry, great Ideas always pop up, the thing is to finally work on them! lol
      Recently the Photoblog Idea sounded Awesome! I think if I start it, I will incorporate it into this same blog. Something like this: A picture and a small story related to it.
      Yet I have to explore what I really want to start with. Yesterday I was around and said hey! why not to go and take a look to my blog? Then I ended up by writing a small thing lol

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