Suddenly and this late

Like a sleepy kid fighting bed time

Today my eyes want to close but I want to see more

I haven´t jumped in a very long time

No reasons to do so

I frown most part of the day, I didn´t even realise

Until the time is right to go back home.

Being grown up wasn´t fun as I thought

Yet, what it is fun after all?

Riding a bike, skipping work, being on the news or finding yourself

 among the crowd….

It is fun indeed! not to know what makes you smile

I just need to sit down and talk

Who is there I wonder!

It´s Me,…. fighting, frowning, smiling, working.

Until exhaustion wins me over and send me down back

to my dream world.

An Old Blog that I really liked to write, “Write it Hurra” to new ways of connections!


    Today I would like to mention an audio blog which keeps the reason of being the universe through personal and unique stories  and therefore what I think makes the world wonderful and best chance to communicate and even more new technologies to do so.

    To me this is an innovation, a step ahead  to the tireless search to find the contact of human relationships through new technologies.
    This friend of mine wich I proudly say is a very intelligent and intellectual woman that has made a step foward to a great reflection. I would like to share some of her work, as in contribution to what I call in this my new post: new connections, yet Relationships Latent. Starting Is Scary


( Click on the Imagen above to go to the site)

New connections, yet Relationships Latent

Real Comunication

        The technology is now a decisive factor to…

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All set, back to work.

In a few days I´ll be back to the office, it´s always nice to take a rest from the things you have to do and all the   paperwork and responsibilities.

This month of vacation seemed to be one single week after all. I guess it happens the same with all things, when you are in school, training, work or whatever you do in your daily life.


At Nights when I have to stay late in the office is somehow better. Years back I wouldn´t guess that I would be where I am right now. So it´s pretty strange but a good feeling. You can hear your ideas better with less noise.

It always happened to me when I was younger, if I was at school or in a part-time job and I took some days off, the coming back was kinda nightmare. I don´t know why I felt this way. Today I feel tired, this time I know it´s different because I didn´t get to rest as I would like to do. So the nightmare is no longer, all I need is to sleep longer the next couple of days. lol

The thing is the older you get the most responsibilities you have, at home, with family and the rest of your world. That´s when you know that Christmas isn´t that fun as you remembered when kid. I spent all month paining, cleaning, making line to pay bills and so on, helping out Grandmas, cousins, siblings, folks. I´m still pending for that DVD movie I want to watch. lol

My peaceful place to be and yes I got the chance to visit is this one:

 I wish I would had the chance to stay a little longer, It´s just so peaceful and takes you to another level.

The Good thing is that this place will always be right there. Maybe I´ll go back for my Birthday! Who knows? lol

Just a few more days to return, I´m ready yet I feel some excitement for what will come next and that put a shy smile in my face.  If last year brought surprises, I guess this year  I should get super ready for new and better ones 🙂

Just for now I´m calm (I woke up with a lil headache today, though). But I´m ok, this time I don´t have to go back to work and follow the plans, this time I get to prepare the plans when I´m back to work, and that´s what is really funny about all this.


So let´s get back to work, do our best. And during lunch time plan bigger things to do, enjoy 20 minutes of nature, remember someone you love and see yourself in future, smiling a lot! 🙂

Wish you all happiness, smiles and Chocolate IceCream!

Starting this New Year


Every year we are used to start with new resolutions to accomplish, every year I start by reading really good ideas to try.  But the thing about resolutions is not how hard they are to make or to keep, but how lost you get in the meantime.  For example:

These firsts days of 2014, I have seen  and read some great ideas to accomplish, Ideas that could end up in great results for me in certain aspects of my life. Looking back, I remember spending 2012 working on my endless thesis for College, which seemed a project created by myself to end up my sanity. By the way! Before that, I don´t recall myself saying wow! this was a really good year! NEVER! But Certainly 2013 was a much better year, I finally finished college and stuff. I´ve always have to deal with health issues and others, though (Things that now I see as normal as waking up early every morning to go to work) yes,…. I am not a morning person!

What changed?

About Mornings? Nothing, I´m still not a Morning Person! But This time I can say wow! This was a nice year! Thank you 2013! I did not accomplish all my last year resolutions as I first planned, but I did make it to others plans. The best thing is that Other plans caught me up on my way to keep going.  So one thing is what you plan to do and other thing is what you end up doing at the end.

Today I´m working in a couple of resolutions I have for this New Year.

Number 1:

That´s how I read this story that made me laugh a lot!

—->The Frog Prince

Number 2: Write a small post. ( A quote?)

—–>Ancient Chinese Proverb

Number 3: Do something that pays off in one year.

(This is when reading around the net I found This)!

52 Week Money Challenge

I started this project today, so I´m pretty much excited and it´s an excellent Idea! Every week you have to put in certain amount to save it for whatever you want to spend the money in! 🙂

P.S. My Mom loved it and she is in! lol

Number 3: To start a Photoblog. I´m not sure on how to start this blog, or when but here´s a first picture! lol


Ohhh And! I keep remembering how much I need to finish studying English someday! Since I might not be able to buy a Pronunciation fragance if I keep talking like him! LOLZ


Wishing you all peace, happiness and Pizza!


Ancient Chinese Proverb.

An Invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may strech or tangle. But it will never break.


So I want to thank you for who you are, wherever you are by the time we see each other.

Verses of the unspoken words


Immense was the feast in all existing dimensions

I was wondering how come

So real and perfect as vast is the universe

So beautiful as life but you went beyond

I was looking at you


I held my silence and I was happy

No distinction between earth and heaven

You made that possible to believe

There are things of yours that I don´t understand

Sometimes I hold on to silence

And I wish I was that dream you´d never share

Maybe I learn in every step


You are the inspiration

You create and are creation yourself

Gold, your treasured heart

Come on! I give you all my dreams

I share my hopes, my goals and heart to you

The more I know, the most I think of you


Let my eyes see you this way

It is my heart who is leading and so gentle I pursue

I try not to make noises to obey my own nature

I need you with no descriptions


I keep my silence and I still learn

No matter how or when I see you

No one in this world would understand

neither my sentiments or faith to your name

What wouldn´t I give just to contemplate you an instant

The unexpected Journey of the Hobbit


The Hobbit, or There and Back Ag, better known by its abbreviated title The Hobbit, is a fantasy novel and children’s book by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. But I guess most of you guys know this!

I had the need to write a small appreciation about this particular story because I would be fascinated to have this book in my hands, even more after I heard some good thoughts about this book, (Anita, I know you´re a big fan).

Yet, after watching the Lord of the Rings and then with the release of this first movie of the trilogy, I could not wait to ask the  first person about how it was! Good? Bad? My first impression was confused I have to say, perhaps because I didn´t know that this was  a series of three epic fantasy adventure films.

The Hobbit (2012)

To be honest I just thought it was one single movie made as late introduction of Lord of the rings. (Sorry!) So I had so many questions after watching the DVD and I was so unhappy with the end of this film. Then, ofcourse I heard about J.R.R. Tolkien and his fantastic book. (Why didn´t I think in that before??)

Anyways, I don´t have the book in my hands, it would be a treasure to have! But I was told that the whole story is amazing! Which made me feel comforted. So next thing was to try to read a bit more about it. And here´s what i found:

Who is Bilbo Baggins?

Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit in comfortable middle age at 50 years old, was hired in spite of himself as a “burglar” by the wizard Gandalf and 13 dwarves led by their king Thorin Oakenshield on a quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and its treasure from the dragon Smaug. The adventure took Bilbo and the companions through the wilderness, to the elf haven of Rivendell, across the Misty Mountains and the black forest ofMirkwood, to Lake-town in the middle of Long Lake, and eventually to the Mountain itself. Here, after the dragon was killed and the Mountain reclaimed, the Battle of Five Armiestook place.

About his journey

In his journey, Bilbo encountered other fantastic creatures, including trolls, elves, giant spiders, a man who can change shape into a beargoblinseagleswolves and a slimy, murderous creature named Gollum. Underground, near Gollum’s lair, Bilbo accidentally found a magic ring of invisibility, which he used to escape from Gollum.

By the end of the journey, Bilbo had become wiser and more confident, having saved the day in many gruesome situations. He rescued the dwarves from giant spiders with the magic ring and a short Elven-sword he acquired. He used the ring to sneak around in hostile environments, as well as his wits to smuggle the dwarves out of the elves’ prisons. He was able to hold his own in conversation with the wily Smaug. When tensions arose over ownership of the recovered treasure, he tried unsuccessfully to bring the opposing sides to compromise, using a stolen heirloom jewel as leverage. This strained his relationship with Thorin, but the two were reconciled at Thorin’s deathbed. At the end of the story, Bilbo returned to his home in the Shire only to find that several of his relatives, believing him to be dead, were trying to claim his home and possessions. In addition to becoming wealthy from his share of the dwarves’ treasure, he found that he had traded respectability for experience and wisdom.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s illustration of Bilbo Baggins.


2012. Peter Jackson´s Adaptation

At times, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey manages to recall the highest points of Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The characters are warm, the landscapes vast and pristine, the CGI mostly an enhancement. In adapting a beloved book as a prequel to a beloved film franchise, Jackson invites nostalgia from the film’s opening moments, as Bilbo Baggins (played as an older hobbit by Ian Holm, and for the majority of the film by Martin Freeman) is shown writing an account of his life for the benefit of his nephew Frodo (Elijah Wood), himself a future adventurer. Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen), Elrond (Hugo Weaving), Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), Saruman (Christopher Lee), and Gollum (Andy Serkis) appear throughout, if not to propel the plot, then to gently remind viewers of the elements shared by this trilogy and the one from the recent past.

I would like to share the trailer with you

Now, It is not my intention to bring you to the same analysis I had when watching this first movie, actually I would like you to share with me what do you think about it!  Yet, I did find some interesting things that i would like to share with all you:

4 Curious tips:

1- Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was the first to be called to direct “The Hobbit”. In fact, the filmmaker spent years involved in pre-production, but in May 2010 he left to pursue other projects. Then appeared Peter Jackson.

2- Initially, “The Hobbit” would be adapted into two films. It was in full production phase, when it was about to finish the first the first film, which Jackson and his team realized they needed one more film. Thus was born the new trilogy more than two hours each.

3- Several Actors were called to play Bilbo Baggings on this film, including: David Tennant, Shia LaBeouf, James McAvoy, Erryn Arkin, Tobey Maguire and even Daniel Radcliffe, famous for the “Harry Potter”. The final choice was Martin Freeman.

4-Richard Armitage, who plays Thorin, the leader of the 13 dwarves who accompany Bilbo, debuted on stage giving life to an elf in a stage adaptation of “The Hobbit”.

My request:

I would like to hear what do you think of this film and if by chance you have had read the book, Wow! Please share your thoughts about it! In personal opinion, i can´t wait to see the rest of the trilogy! 🙂

Finally, I thought it would be nice to leave you with this:


Crystal River of Light


For some lovely reason you are you

Your sound is my healing reminder

You are beautiful, so beautiful you

Two Suns in the sky you have become.

Powerful source of faith, crystal river of light.

Where my love is fair to belong

God made your existence an absolute truth

You are beautiful, so beautiful you

Everyday placed in my heart.

More than sunset and sunshine, you are crystal river of light.

Quick Note: Expansion

I saw this Picture in a facebook status: It´s a sculpture created by the artist: Paige Bradley. I would like to research more about it in next days, perhaps i´ll do and post more but just now i wanted to share what a beautiful art.

This masterpiece, called “Expansion”, is a naked beautiful woman, whose body is split and emits light.


From the moment we are born,
the world tends to have a
container already built for us
to fit inside: A social security
number, a gender, a race,
a profession or an I.Q. I ponder
if we are more defined by the
container we are in, rather than
what we are inside. Would we
recognize ourselves if we could
expand beyond our bodies? 
Would we still be able to exist
if we were authentically

Paige Bradley

From what I see and believe always, light is born from inside of each one of us. Let´s not contain it!

Surrender I

So I!
I want to learn make my words soft like breeze,
whispering to the ear, you hear me well.
Let my heart beat like yours at one rhythm,
my refuge for the stormy days.

 Wonderful you!

Every morning when you wake up, you are born all over again, 
be certain that the gift given is your life itself.
The inner me realized the greatest creature that you are,
and because of your smile,  here I surrender.
If You are the fountain,
If You are the energy,
If You are the light, the reason, the path, the future.
Then for you I´ll walk  strong.
Conqueror you!
In silence I understand you the best,
with your voice, you conquer it all. 
I see nothing but this way
If you leave the prints I´ll follow all along.
Nature is!
Like in blossom, fresh sunshine is
New day, flowers born 
Nothing can replace the scent 
the nature in you.